like a sophisticated investor.

Invest in Alternative Investment Funds

Are you tired of not having access to top-performing private investment opportunities or facing high initial capital requirements and long lock-in periods? Are you wondering how the top 1% invests? Whether you want to invest in hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, real estate funds, fine art and collectibles, Daedalus is an investment platform that offers exposure to Alternative Investment Funds in the form of digital securities, allowing you to invest like a professional investor, with minimum investment starting from $1,000.

Discover Investment Opportunities

Be the first to learn about any new investment opportunities and sophisticated funds that join Daedalus. Explore their performance and make the choice that fits your investment targets.

Invest in Digital Form

Exposure to funds is achieved through digital securities. Your tokens are a fully regulated and compliant, digital representation of Alternative Investment Fund shares.

Track your Portfolio

Track your portfolio net asset value, statistics and receive notifications and updates from your fund managers.

Transfer & Trade

Your digital securities represent full ownership of your investment. You can transfer or sell them anytime in secondary markets.

Why Alternative Investment Funds?

Higher Returns

Over time Alternative Investment Funds have been proven to beat traditional mainstream asset classes, in risk-adjusted terms.

Uncorrelated Risk

Returns of AIFs have been historically uncorrelated to mainstream markets, surviving major market crashes and generating alpha in all market environments.

Portfolio Diversifiers

Due to their counter-cyclical nature, AIFs are the best portfolio diversifiers, reducing overall portolio risk and improving portfolio performance in the long term.

Why through digital securities?


Gain access to a generally fragmented private investment industry, with much lower initial capital requirements, starting from $1,000.


Unlock higher liquidity for historically illiquid investments, in secondary markets for digital securities.


Uncorrelated top-performing investments and lower initial capital requirements allow investors to split their portfolio to many more funds.


Increase efficiency from centralised, timely and seamless communication, about fund's performance, to personalised match-making of investment needs with strategies.

Regulated & Transparent

Digital securities are MiFID compliant, transparent and auditable. Legal compliance is seamlessly integrated on the token level for every transaction.

Complete Ownership

Your digital securities represent full ownership of your investments. You can freely move them, transfer them and take them with you, with no restrictions.

Offered Investment Classes


Our vision is to democratize the investment process and provide broad access to previously unavailable investment opportunities.