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Scale your fund, access a broader pool of investors, eliminate investor onboarding time & cost and unlock liquidity, all in one place.

A comprehensive solution for your funds

360° Investor Management

Offer your investors a 30’ fully digital on-boarding experience, from KYC/AML, to subscription form. Automate monthly communication, report sharing and create a dedicated performance room for your fund. Your investors get their personal investor portal to track the value of their investment, with insightful statistics.

Grow your Investor Reach

Gain visibility to Daedalus Investment Platform and our entire investor base of HNWI, Financial Advisors and Family Offices. Through our personalized match-making algorithms, investors discover how well your fund matches their individual preferences and improves their current portfolio performance and key metrics.

Crowd-funding & Secondary Liquidity

Raise capital from a much broader pool of investors, with much lower allocations, through digital securities and Daedalus crowd-funding structure. Leveraging our model, your investors can freely transfer their digital securities within our platform, to unlock liquidity without redeeming capital directly from the fund.

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And find out how the Daedalus Platform can help you:

  • Automate your current processes, streamline communication and investor relationship management
  • Offer a 30' fully digital on-boarding experience to new investors
  • Grow your investor reach with personalised investor match-making, based on investors’ specific preferences and portfolio exposure.
  • Increase your AUM with a fund-oriented crowd-funding structure and secondary liquidity solution.
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